INFRISA was founded in Barcelona in 1971. A pioneer in the design, construction and start-up of "turnkey" cold stores and refrigerated warehouses, it has gained valuable know-how that it currently also applies to the construction of buildings for food industries for meat, industrial bakery, pre-cooked, dairy, logistics, fish processing and fruit and vegetable sectors, among others.

INFRISA has also understood the importance of introducing to demanding international markets. It deals with enqueries world-wide and has completed projects in Mexico, France, Portugal, Morocco, Iraq, Cuba, Peru, Russia, the Dominican Republic and Mauritania. INFRISA has daughter companies in Portugal (INFRISA CONTRUÇOES E OBRAS LDA), Mexico and France.

INFRISA has a long list of references, mainly "turnkey" projects, including the design, job management and all projects required by the authorities, operating licenses, Health and Safety projects, and up-to-code certifications for all installations. INFRISA has used the most modern techniques in each and every one of these projects and the costs and execution deadlines have been studied in great detail so as to design and carry out a profit-earning project, integrating all the activities into a single contract and granting the best coordination and scheduling.