INFRISA's specialisation in "turnkey" construction of cold stores for frozen or chilled foods, as well as buildings for food industry, allows it to guarantee the best project implementation and start-up.

In this construction stage INFRISA offers the following guarantees:

  • A firm price
  • High level of quality
  • A unique insurance and a unique guarantee
  • Coordination and supervision of each and every one phases of the project during execution through a highly qualified project manager.
  • Short completion times, as a result of carrying out the job based on a detailed and complete design.

All of these factors allow us to fulfil our main goal: the construction of your complex, with the added advantage of having hired one company that handles from project design, job management and construction, to handing over the keys and the immediate start-up of the plant. Previously, within the agreed execution delay, the start-up tests, the training of operating technicians, and the delivery of the corresponding start-up and maintenance manuals will be completed.