Offering a bespoke service in the design, construction and start-up of cold stores and buildings for the manufacture of food, usually in the form of "turnkey" top quality, free from contamination and respectful of standards and the environment .


Excellent company in project management of cold rooms and buildings for the manufacture of food and maintained over time, in national and international markets, through the values and attitudes that have historically characterized his culture and activity.


  • WARRANTY: to meet the Requirements of Our Customers, to make sure projects and Implement Legislation in All Our Existing Activities, as well as other related Subscribed Requirements Integrated with the Management system. This will Ensure and Enhance the satisfaction of our clients.
  • COMMITMENT: commitment with deadlines and closed Budgets Marked from the Beginning of All Our projects.
  • TRUST: implementing a quality management system based on Continuous Improvement to Ensure a high level of service and Innovative brand image.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: ensuring sustainability projects in time.
  • SOLUTIONS: flexibility and Professionalism in All Our actions and Proposals to Our Customers.
  • EXPERIENCE: training, awareness, motivation and experience of all Our staff.
  • KNOW HOW: continual introduction of new technologies to Manage an information system open to All Our partners and clients.
  • COORDINATION: coordination and monitoring of each and every one of the items of work involved in the program with a highly qualified Project Manager.
  • ENVIRONMENT: respect for the environment, continuous improvement and pollution prevention and optimization of energy consumption.
  • OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND CARE OF THE PEOPLE: using continuous improvement in the prevention of damage and deterioration of health as a basis for all our work activities.
  • ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL PRUDENCE: prudent management of resources of the company to maintain a high solvency position, business risk and avoid risk business involving any item of stock of the society.
  • ETHICS: ensuring ethical behavior in all our actions and encourage the implementation of corporate social responsibility and equal opportunities.
  • ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR: based on honesty, respect and consideration for the people (customers, suppliers and employees), the humility, the culture of effort, diligence and good work.